Association of Part-Time Librarians

An International Virtual Organization

For Part-Time Librarians


This website is intended to help part-time librarians find the information and support they need in their professional and daily lives.

Because we recognize that part-time librarians face some issues that are different from those faced by full-time librarians, we have tried to provide information relevant to your professional lives and to support you through our discussion board.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact, our Yahoo Group.

Note from Anne Huberman: Although I retired from my part-time position the Canisius College library at the end of 2006, I have continued to maintain this site because it is the only such resource for part-time librarians. Now I am moving to a retirement community, and I would like very much to hand this site over to an active part-time librarian. The site gets an average of about 700 visits a month. If you take it over, you will be in complete control. You may revise it in any way you wish to bring it up to date and make it more relevant. If you are interested in taking over the site, please email me at

Last updated on 3/11/13.


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